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I try to write my newsletter for all my clients where ever you live, but sometimes my New England folks get a bit extra. And this is a reminder to them. Come December 27th, the Callahan Tunnel to and from Boston and Logan Airport will be closed for several months! Some of you will go back to your old routes through Chelsea and others will need to divert to the Ted Williams Tunnel. If the latter, do pay close attention to signs.

In general I encourage you to use the MBTA. The Silver Line, a bus, from South Station to the airport may have some of the traffic delays that drivers may encounter. May I suggest you use the Blue Line. It may be a hassle with all the changes of lines, but in the end it may be faster. In any case do allow extra, extra time it getting to and from the Boston Logan airport this winter.

Many of you flew last weekend and thought it is the busiest days of the year. About 2.56 million took a flight over the Thanksgiving weekend. A normal daily number is 2 million. Actually, many summer Fridays there are more people flying. But then they are in shorts and flip flops and sunny skies. Winter and holiday traveling with winter weather delays, anticipated family embraces or not, gifts and heavy clothes to pack may make for a more stressful travel adventure than you wish.

A couple suggestions to help reduce the stress…

– allow extra time in getting to the airport.

– have lots to read or do along the way.

– wear very comfortable clothing (but please do not look sloppy!)

– ship your gifts ahead of time.

– take a water bottle to fill once you are through security.

– take your favorite snacks.

Mostly take a good mental attitude. You will get where you are going and being grumpy will not get you there any faster. Your smile may help another along their journey. To help you smile, note: flying is so very inexpensive these days. Compared with 1958 today’s dollars it would cost $2,000 to fly across the country. Today with good advance planning, a coach ticket can be under $400. And flying is safer now than ever and with a 85 percent on time rate. So do not spend too much energy on what we need to do during the next 20 days.

Let us count our blessing we get to go see family and friends.

About alwaysharriet

With thirty years experience in corporate and leisure travel consulting, Harriet Ahouse has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and worldwide. An avid scuba diver, she understands the requirements of travelers both on land and in the water. On the European scene she has offered traditional and personalized travel itineraries throughout the continent--Italy, France, and England are some of her favorites. As a Virtuoso Agent, she also has extensive resources to enhance her expertise in designing individual destination travel itineraries--and honeymoons--worldwide!
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