Bring Your Legacy

Believe it or not, today two of my grandchildren have a birthday.  Dillon is 11 and Sophia is 4.  Some of you may remember when Dillon was born.  I was so excited to have a grandchild; I was 60 years old and wondered if I would ever become a grandmother!  And now I have six.  How my world has changed in these few years.  When my daughter Lori was pregnant with Dillon, I called him “my leggie” meaning my legacy.  Most of us remember little of our grandparents, let alone if we ever met them.  And three generations back we may have a picture.  So I decided if I wanted to be remembered or to have an impact on future lives I needed to continue to being a parent with the grandchildren.  I knew that the number of hours they may play Mind Craft or what time they go to bed was not my decision, but that I could show them the world. 

I could help them learn how we are all the same and yet most different, to see and respect the beauty of nature, and to experience the adventure of travel.  And so now most of my travels revolve around taking a grandchild on a one on one sojourn.  If you do not have a grandchild yet or ever, take a child, if you do not have a child take a niece or nephew, and if you do not have any of those, “God bless you” and take a friend!  

Here are pictures of five of the six, as Theo is still under 2, it is not his time, yet.


For every trip, there are two journeys: a physical one which will end when the trip ends and also a sentimental journey which will never end. The memories we have, the pictures in our mind, and the souvenirs we collected will be with us always.

Where would you like to take a grandchild? Where would you like to go?  

Call or email me soon… And we can begin your legacy.

About alwaysharriet

With thirty years experience in corporate and leisure travel consulting, Harriet Ahouse has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and worldwide. An avid scuba diver, she understands the requirements of travelers both on land and in the water. On the European scene she has offered traditional and personalized travel itineraries throughout the continent--Italy, France, and England are some of her favorites. As a Virtuoso Agent, she also has extensive resources to enhance her expertise in designing individual destination travel itineraries--and honeymoons--worldwide!
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