Resort 101: Which Resort is Right for Me?

What shoes should I buy, what movie should I see, or where should I live?  What you like is very personal. The same is true when deciding on a resort.  And there are nearly as many options as shoes.  Large or small. Luxury or modestly priced. Caribbean or exotic. Water’s edge or land based. There are so many choices. But what resort is right for you?  You decide.   The best way to start – make lists.  What are the most important factors in choosing this resort?  Price, length of stay, destination, size of the hotel, all-inclusive or breakfast only, and the amenities are a good place to start.  A big factor maybe the timing of your reservation – advance purchase is getting more and more important.  The inventory of airline flights is severely reduced, so getting there may be prohibitively expensive. For a major holiday (such as Christmas or a school vacation week) booking 10 months in advance is not too soon.  So think about booking December holidays now!

Other factors you should consider on your list: Do you like a small intimate resort under 75 rooms or do you like all the extras a large resort can offer?   You either love Atlantis or not.  Do you really like to just walk out of your room onto a beach? Or ski slope?  Or do you like a balcony with beautiful views?  Size does not necessarily drive price.  There are luxury and modest on both ends of the spectrum.  The size of the island, in general, affects price.  The more local people there are, the more local restaurants and resorts there are, and these tend to be modest in price. Very small islands tend to be very pricey!  But there are always the exceptions here and there.

Meal plans vs no meal plan.  This may depend upon why you are taking this holiday.  Honeymooners  may want a meal plan to just relax and enjoy.  Same is true if you are stressed and just need to stop the world and get off.  But if you always like to explore or you are very fussy eaters you may want to eat in a different restaurant each noon and night.

Lastly the amenities. Do you like assistance?  Do you want to have it all at your finger tips? Or do you want to do it all yourself?  Do you need much to entertain you or not?  How far do you want to go for all your amenities?  Do you want a spa for example?

All these questions will help you decide what resort is best for you.   Call soon to plan you next holiday.  617-588-4246.


About alwaysharriet

With thirty years experience in corporate and leisure travel consulting, Harriet Ahouse has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and worldwide. An avid scuba diver, she understands the requirements of travelers both on land and in the water. On the European scene she has offered traditional and personalized travel itineraries throughout the continent--Italy, France, and England are some of her favorites. As a Virtuoso Agent, she also has extensive resources to enhance her expertise in designing individual destination travel itineraries--and honeymoons--worldwide!
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