Dillon & Harriet take the Grand Canyon

Dillon and I…  on our fifth grandma and grandson sojourn..  Dillon turns 8 in November!

Dillon boarding the plane to Flagstaff

This year our sojourn was of Dillon’s choosing..  After watching the PBS series on the National Parks, Dillon requested to go see the Grand Canyon. And I said, “Well, while we are there lets go to Sedona, one of my favorite places in the USA.”

Dillon and I both like nature and the outdoors, so this was clearly going to be a great sojourn.

I made life easy for us and we flew from Seattle (where Dillon lives) to Flagstaff, via Phoenix.  Since the later is such a short distance it was a very small plane… Two Propellers!   We climbed into the plane from the tarmac.  This was a great success for Dillon. We drove from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon via the Coconino National Forest.

The Ponderosa Pines were beautiful.    Dillon slept!   It began to pour and by the time we got to the Canyon rim we could see lightening over the Canyon.   Very spectacular!  And then a rainbow!   By the time we checked into our cabin at Bright Angel Lodge and began a short walk down the path the soil was completely dry as if it had never rained!   This is the high desert after all.

High Desert at the Grand Canyon

We spent two days along the rim, enjoying the view and walks.   One afternoon we listened to a National Parks Ranger, give a talk on the California Condor.  Did you know they only eat dead animals, like a vulture?   But alas we did not see any, just huge Ravens.

Chocolate Taco for Dessert - Yum!

One last thought about the Canyon, is along the south rim are historic building that have been maintained.  From the far west is Hermit’s Nest to the far east Desert View Watch Tower and in between are Hopi House, Kolb and Lookout Studios and the old lodges of Bright Angel and El Tovar.  So in the midst of all this ancient beautiful nature is current history.    And to top it all off, two great restaurants at Arizona Grill and El Tovar.  To sleep in the park at the rim and have dinner at El Tovar reservations need to be made months in advance and even longer for a donkey ride or river ride.

Sedona.. next week…

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